Information below is from our 2017 meeting. Please stay tuned for our 2019 conference at the University of Michigan.

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Critique and Complement: Bringing insight from the social sciences and humanities to the clinic.
April 29-30, 2017
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
This conference is a biennial meeting for those committed to exploring how the fields of anthropology, economics, epidemiology, ethics, health policy, history, sociology, and literature can advance the practice and public understanding of medicine. Every two years, this conference provides an opportunity to revisit and reinvigorate this mission by creating a venue for graduates, trainees, and prospective students of MD-PhD training programs to build a community and present their research.
At the 2017 conference we are excited to explore the theme of Critique and Complement. As caregivers trained in the social sciences and humanities, our dual roles often stand in productive tension with one another, problematizing and enriching our practices across our varied fields of service and scholarship. With the recognition that our scholarly work can both ground and challenge our caregiving and vice-versa, we invite you to submit an abstract of original research for presentation relevant to this theme, broadly interpreted. 
Presentations may take the form of a 15-minute talk, poster, or “grand rounds”-style case presentation utilizing insights from your scholarly discipline. Submissions on all topics and from individuals at all career stages (MD, PhD, or MD/PhD) are encouraged and will be considered. We welcome work from early-phase trainees working on new research projects, dissertation-phase students, and faculty and physicians.

We ask that you limit your abstract submission to 350 words and include the primary research question, methodological orientation, points of engagement with existing scholarship, and general conclusions.

You may submit your abstracts via this form by midnight, February 15, 2017
Send comments and questions to:
The 2017 Conference Planning Committee